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Culture holiday Bulgaria

The Mysterious Strandja Mountains

Villages where time has stood still. Ancient traditions dating back from Thracian times. Colourful icons and small chapels hidden deep in Strandja's forests.

Strandja has a turbulent and fascinating history and is a stronghold of Bulgarian culture. During the culture holiday to Bulgaria, you'll discover that Strandja's folklore and cultural traditions are still very much alive today.

Quick Overview

Culture holiday Bulgaria

Typical price per person

8 days: from €649.-
10 days: from €795.-
excluding flight, based on 2 people sharing


All our holidays are tailor-made, so you choose when and how long you want to go on holiday.

Best time of year

April to October are excellent months for the Strandja culture holiday to Bulgaria.

Summary 10 day example itinerary
Please contact us for the full example itinerary of this holiday with more photos ...
Day 1 Travel to Bulgaria.
Day 2 Trip to an architectural reserve. Short walk through village with many cultural sights, including house museum and church.
Day 3 Excursion to a 3000 year old Thracian temple in the border-zone. Visit to Malko Turnovo’s museums.
Day 4 Woodland walk to healing springs and remains of a Roman fortress. Museum, monument and panoramic views from Petrova Niva, the rebel's meeting place.
Day 5 Trip to holy place deep in the forest, a Thracian rock temple, still used today for ancient rituals.
Day 6 Visit one of Strandja’s most fascinating chapels built over the entrance of a cave. Excursion to a small village where time has stood still.
Day 7 Walk to chapel with religious icons in the forest and through a village with a Greek past.
Day 8 Visit to fortress wall and tower at one of the oldest towns on the Black Sea coast. Art galleries, traditional wooden houses, and restaurants with views over the Black Sea.
Day 9 Visit the regional capital Burgas. Explore museums, visit the town's sea gardens, or stroll along the city's leafy boulevards.
Day 10 Departure day

Adjust this culture holiday

Our holidays are completely flexible. You can adapt this culture holiday in Bulgaria to your own wishes. Just replace or add activities from other holiday packages on this website. Please contact us for more information.

What’s included?

The typical prices of our holidays are based on 2 people sharing. They include:

  • All accommodation - two or three star accommodation in local guesthouses and hotels
  • All breakfasts
  • Rental car – Ford Fiesta or similar
  • Four guided excursions
    1. A guided walk through a small Strandja village, designated as an architectural reserve. Visit to a house museum, church, and small chapels. Lunch is included in this excursion.
    2. Guided excursion to a Thracian sanctuary located in a limited access border-zone, followed by a visit to several museums in Malko Turnovo that will give you insight into the turbulent history of the Strandja area.
    3. Jeep tour to a Thracian rock sanctuary, which has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years.
    4. Guided walk to Strandja’s most interesting chapel built over a cave, followed by picnic lunch, plus guided walk through traditional Strandja village, including forest honey tasting.
  • A tourist map of Strandja
  • Detailed information about where to go and what to see
  • Donation to the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

Small group culture holidays Bulgaria

It's possible to do this culture holiday as a small group self-drive tour. Because you share certain costs, prices per person can be lower. A small group self-drive tour can be fully guided as well. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Candles burning in small chapel in Strandja.

Small chapels like this are scattered throughout the Strandja Mountains in Bulgaria

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